1. Develop TASCO for the purpose of long-term development is the constant thought of all leaders
  2. Have no personal factors in the organization
  3. Always protect the rights of Shareholders in the long term
  4. Set up the professional processes for production and business activities
  5. Know when to stop to solve problems to ensure that the quality is maintained from the beginning
  6. Train the leaders and managers who understand the work, live the company philosophy and train their subordinates
  7. Develop the outstanding individuals and collectives about adhering to the Company’s philosophy
  8. Set up a network of partners and suppliers of goods and services
  9. Solve the problems at the root by having to personally go and examine the scene to understand the situation thoroughly (three-present principle)
  10. Constantly learn, constantly self-criticize, constantly promote the creativity and improvement of everyone
  11. Manage the information to always understand the macroeconomic situation in the country, countries in the region and the world to make investment decisions for the enterprises.
  12. Developing a high quality team is the only way for Tasco to achieve great success