Tasco has always appreciated the importance of each member and created an environment encouraging every individual’s growth and success. Here, every member of Tasco might promote their capabilities at maximum and develops the skills professionally, dynamically and creatively.

Tasco’s working environment is known as a place where:

  • Nurturing the growth and development of each individual.
  • Converging many outstanding members by reputation built nearly four decades in the field of real estate installation, construction, business and investment.
  • All members work on cooperation between departments, in functional vertical business or in a special project team.
  • All Tasco’s members are authorized in their duties and supported by Collective Board of Directors.
  • Any Tasco’s member are completely expressed their opinions and talents in an open and friendly work environment.
  • All Tasco’s policies and work modes are to create a work environment forTasco’s members to feel the most comfortable, secure and development space.

All Tasco staff’s activities target to the common goals of achieving Tasco’s highest value-added, prosperity growth and our customers’ absolute satisfactions.

Important criteria for assessing Tasco’s human are also “value-added quality” that they created. The added-value refers to creative ideas to improve business efficiency and the achievements in business.. Any Tascoers motivating themself to create the added-value shallbe benefited from that added-value. With “value-added solutions,” the company and its staffs have benefits, sharing and promote their abilities. Hence, coming to Tasco, it is easy to recognize an engrossed workplace air, dynamic working style and creative working ideas of Tasco’s employees.